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Office: 503.695.5888 

Ranger: 503.695.3653

Outdoor School Supervisor: 503.695.5388

Daily hours vary
Evenings & weekends – by appointment only

32149 SE Stevens Road
Corbett, OR 97019

Driving Directions

  1. Take I-84 Eastbound (toward The Dalles)

  2. Take the Lewis & Clark Park Exit (#18)

  3. Continue south along the Sandy River approximately 4 miles to Springdale. This road is called Crown Point Highway, but is unmarked.

  4. Approximately 1/2 mile after you enter Springdale, the road will branch off to both the left and the right. Go to the right on Hurlburt Road.

  5. Quickly, turn right onto Christensen Rd., the first road on the right.

  6. Continue past the U-Pick berry farms to the end of Christensen Road where it turns to the right and becomes Stevens Road.

  7. Continue down Stevens Road to the end of the road. You’ll come to a cyclone fence and gate with a sign that says “Camp Angelos”.

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