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Camp Angelos’s mission is to provide a quality facility for all groups to organize, conduct and maintain a camp, retreat and center for educational, developmental and recreational purposes regardless of race, creed, or culture.

Over the years, we have had many diverse groups use our camp to promote their own programs that include religious training, support groups, instructional camps, and, survival skills. We have also provided the perfect location for weddings, fund raisers, family and fraternal reunions, and business seminars.

We are very proud to have the Shriner’s Hospital for Children name us as their most successful outing location for their children. This program started in 2011 with fishing at our then new wheelchair accessible dock and has expanded in 2012 to also include archery instruction at our newly maintained range. We offer the Big Brother/Big Sister organization free fishing days at Camp Angelos with expert volunteer training for both the kids and their adult counterparts. For 15 years, we have provided a week long summer Fish Camp for underprivileged and at risk children. Camp Agape is a Kids N’ Cancer camp offered free of charge for the entire family of the child with cancer and comes here every August. Holt International Adoption brings kids from all over Oregon and Washington once a year to re-connect with their culture and share stories and they do this at Camp Angelos. In addition to various church summer youth camps, we host a number of adult Recovery week-end retreats, who include work projects at the camp as a part of their program. Most of the church groups staying here include a service day. It’s a way for their kids to learn to give back.


We also give back to the community by providing a place for fundraisers with most of the funds supporting Outdoor School and other kid’s programs. In addition, we allow Multnomah County Fire and Rescue to use our camp for training; help Eagle Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Cub Scouts earn their badges and then have their awards ceremonies at the camp; and lastly be a location for school proms, baby showers, family reunions and both corporate and club picnics.

Our camp is also one of the primary choices for Multnomah County Outdoor School every spring and fall and Battleground School District in early June. These enriching programs provide an especially wonderful outdoor experience for many children. We are also a beautiful place to have a wedding. Couples come here because they like being part of and contributing to a place that puts kids first.

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