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Comfortable cabins feature rustic log cabin siding, heat, insulation, and electricity. The cabin area has twelve cabins in two pods of six each. All cabins are located in close proximity to the bathhouse, restrooms, and classrooms. Hard-surfaced pathways provide easy interconnected access to these facilities. No vehicular traffic is allowed in the cabin area for camper safety.

  • Two Pods of 6 Cabins Each

    • Allows Easy Group Division e.g., Girls and Boys

  • Ten Cabins Each with 480 sq ft

    • Sleeps 12 in Bunkbeds

  • Two Larger 2-Room Cabins 790 sq ft Each

    • One Room Sleeps 12 One Room Sleeps 4

  • Cabin Specifications

    • Insulated, Lights, Heat

    • Door at Each End for Safety

    • Equipped with Smoke Alarms

    • Two Windows on Two Sides for Ventilation

  • Vehicle Traffic not Allowed in Cabin Area

  • ADA Accessible

  • Easy Access to Restroom Facilities

  • All Approaches are Hard-Surfaced and Extend from Cabin Area to Bathhouse and Classrooms for Easy Wheelchair Access

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